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Post Subject: Ultra boxPosted by scooter on: 7/7/2013
de charlus -

I used a few of these Behringer boxes and the level of features is staggering. However, in my experience with the Ultra box, sound quality was significantly reduced in "bypass" mode, reduced further when employed as a DAC, and reduced further with processing. Note there are also some others who sell "audiophile" mods for these Behringer boxes. I can't comment on the Lampizator mods other than to note his pages are entertaining and that the Ultra looks funny with tubes. 

You might think about some of his "axioms" such as why he believes upsampling and tube output are "best practices." 

I eventually sold the Ultra but for ~200$, it is a very useful toy. Maybe current computer software and a soundcard provide more features but will have a steeper learning curve compared to the plug-and-play of the Behringer. I found both to be extremely useful for expirments and testing. Behringer or s/w is also a nice place to start for thinking about crossovers. But after that, you will want to remove them from your system. 

By the way, getting good sound out of a PC is very difficult; my $300 Sansui tuner sounds much better than any PC source I have ever heard and I have spent a lot of time trying. 

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