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Post Subject: DACs - digitalPosted by KLegind on: 7/4/2013
I can't really recommend anything but a method.

I suggest you approach companies or sellers and get them to agree with a home trial . This is simply the best approach since you actually get to live with the thing, rather than settle for some half baked A-B comparison at a shop where you can be manipulated by the salesperson.

Be prepared to put down a certain amount of money as security for the seller. This shows that you are a serious customer and make sure to talk to them on the phone to get a feel for what kind of product and service they are providing. If the seller is obnoxious, overbearing or unwilling to listen to you, simply walk away.

Maybe if you have an acquaintance with whom you share an 'audio language' you can get some recommendations, but in any event, be prepared to spend money on stuff that will disappoint you in the end.


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