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Post Subject: How Very Sad...Posted by de charlus on: 6/23/2013
1: If it is not patently obvious to W that Romy is far from enamored with what I hypothetically propose, then it would seem that W is grievously wanting in terms of intellect, a more troublesome failing in the world at large than errant taste in loudspeaker drivers.

2: For the umpteenth goddamn time, the Acapella tweeter is not in any sense preeminent in this proposal, no more than the Vitavox S2, Ale 45Super or any of the others. The only reason I draw attention to it is because I am asking more experienced persons, with a humility apparently in scarce supply, whether or not combining this driver with four others of a radically different topology might be a practicable undertaking. If anyone possessed of a functioning brain would be so good as to demonstrate why this collection of drivers would be disharmonious, then I would be more than content to listen to them and make the necessary change(s).

3: My happiness with the end result is the single, solitary yardstick of the "success" of this, and/or any other audio component from my perspective; that acceptability to others seems to be preeminent amongst T's concerns merely illuminates what a slavish, drooling illiterate he is. I will therefore treat the rest of his utterances with the contempt they deserve, and not dignify them with any further response.

4: What makes me think I "deserve the best", W? Herein lies the font of all this hostility, methinks, good old yawn-inducing economic envy. I "deserve" the best because I have positioned myself to obtain it, although whether what I end up doing/buying is "the best" in any way that can be meaningfully determined is a matter of utter indifference to me. All I did was to hypothetically gather together a number of drivers that I have recently enjoyed listening to in three separate systems in the hope that someone whose opinion is worthy of respect might tell me if combining them into a single speaker might be a worthwhile undertaking, and if not, to give technical reasons, rather than illiterate vitriol, why this might be the case. That all but one person on this unfortunate thread seem incapable of grasping what really isn't a very challenging notion is rather pitiful.

5: Romy, perhaps it might be a good idea to consider introducing some sort of private messaging system on your site for those who may wish to actually discuss audio, rather than slinging muck like petulant children. Really, that people can be this bratty and partisan over electronics simply beggars belief, and that said persons are willing to expend the calories necessary to type such bilious twaddle is yet more extraordinary, especially when these calories are so direly needed in their frontal lobes. 

Finally, to put an end to this matter; I have asked a question, which Romy has kindly undertaken to answer with data - of all the astonishing things - in due course. Someone else wants me to buy a pair of Acapellas, and others wish to fling excrement in their respective sandboxes; as far as I'm concerned, the matter is closed. 

de Charlus

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