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Post Subject: Rubriks cube?Posted by rowuk on: 6/22/2013
This project sounds like Rubriks cube. You have all of the ingredients and 43,252,003,274,489,855,999 chances to get it "wrong". None of those parts guarantees anything special and they all offer plenty of miserable possibilities......

I personally cannot understand working backwards from a tweeter. Assuming a necessary HF response as that which arrives at our ears in a great concert hall (ca. 16khz), one octave of response is produced by your tweeter. To me, 60hz to 10khz is where I need my reference. After that, the last octave becomes "significant". I am not convinced that Acapellas "problem" is based on speed. I also do not think that a "speedier" driver could help integrate it. A driver is the product of the sonic implementation. Maybe this tweeter is a bigger problem than the rest of the Acapella speaker - I don't know.

What is your problem with Acapellas own implementation? Have you lived with this speaker for a (long) while? If yes, what have you done to make sure that the rest of the playback chain is so transparent that what you hear is the speaker? What makes the Acapella HF driver qualify as "humdrum"?

Acapella is not so far away from where I live and I have had many opportunities to hear different installations. I have yet to be "disappointed" in the speaker technology as the installations and associated equipment (as well as the attitude of most of the owners) were too "audiophile" to really let the speaker be recognized.

I do not think that a shoebox full of parts is a good start. What do you listen to now and what is wrong with it?

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