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Post Subject: Wich melquiade?Posted by azrael the cat on: 4/11/2013

English's not my mother language so I'd have advices to choose wich Melquiade could be the best for me...I read that there's a lot of different versions...and I wasn't able to email Romy because of the robot barrier.

I've very good 95db Fullrange BR loudspeakers you can see below:

My cdp, a full modded one has got about 3v output/300ohms (lundhal opts)

My "preamp" is a no gain one: NPass B1 Buffer

My actual amp, is a 6wpc DIY PP class A without feedback wich is surprisingly sufficient with its little power.

In the bottom, and under 60hz, a velodyne active subwoofer, sustain bass frequencies.

I read in the Romy advices that a SE with "half" 6c33 sounded better than full 6c33 se.
Do I have to understand that the melquiade is about 8wpc? Is it a good idea to parallel "half" 6c33 to have same power as a full one with a better sound?

What kind of melquiade would be the perfect match for me?

Thanks a lot/David

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