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Post Subject: DIYPosted by N-set on: 4/2/2013
 Paul S wrote:
God, this sounds like the very worst sort of DIY threads!  FYI, I HATE DIY!

It sounds but it does not necessarily mean that it is Smile Let me try to deffend a bit my last postings:
DIY is a self propelled random walk "let's try this, let's try that, let's make something cool". Here
the goal is clear: try to work out a good soultion for  phono connection. RCA, IMHO,
just looking at its construction suits phono needs as brilliantly as sand paper cleaning ass.
If subtituting it  will give a sonic benefit
or will be a missed effort, only the experiment can show. But this experiment in my view must be somehow
planned, exactly not to make it "DIY style". Now, getting rid of RCA in phono is possible only within
self-made constructions obviously, so as a consequence the phono cable must be also self made, esp.
that it gives me a chance to avoid one connection at the arm base.

Comming back to the merit if I'm still allowed: I'm planning to try PC4TB russian connectors:

Brass or bronze is what it is but
95% of boutique $$$$ RCA'a are brass anyway...and here the mass of the connector is a fart comapring to
the RCA--there is no bulk brass chunk in the signal's way but a gentle 1mmx10mm needle.
Now for the cable, yes Paul, I'm planning to use the Percy Teflon tubing for the immediate shell,
but this will not give enough distance to the shield. Hence the idea to wrap the Percy tubing with the PTFE tape
and apply the shield on top of it. This should give ~5mm distance wire-shield...or 10mm if I double wrap.


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