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Post Subject: SleuthingPosted by Paul S on: 3/19/2013
Here is more than no information on the "original Harold Powell Duo Art", which gives a little provenance on where the "batch" that it came from originated.  Also, as you will see, it is only 7', which surprised me, a little.

Sorry for being cryptic and listing it as "the Wm. Powell [Steinway]", earlier.

FYI, all punters, Harold Powell just passed away, not so long ago, I think.  As I recall, he was a "known" sound engineer with NBC for many years, lived in the Hollywood Hills, above Sunset.  I don't recall anything at all about his family, but a sale like this would likely be preceded by "feelers" both ways, I think.  I don't know if (Sony's) Joseph Tushinsky is still alive, or if he is still "active".  If he is both, and the heirs would sell it, then he probably has "first dibs" on that particular piano.

The game is afoot...

Best regards,
Paul S

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