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Post Subject: How Do I Miss Thee?Posted by Paul S on: 3/4/2013
Since I painted myself into a corner with only one tonearm and one cartridge, and my one cartridge has gone to the Ortofon Spa in DK, I am sans phono until my cartridge returns.  This means I have too much time to think about a phono stage, as opposed to using one, and I have been mulling over what I like and do not like about my K&K.

The main thing I do not like about the K&K is "not really its fault", I suppose, but wish it was not so affected by the electricity.  Of course this is what spawned my recent "minimum acceptable phono stage" thread.  And the truth is, I could happily live with this phono stage "forever" when it's at its best.  But with 350V on the rails, this puppy is not a viable candiate for any battery PS I am aware of.  Not that this would necessarily be a "solution", in this case, anyway.

I would say I don't like the tubes, but it isn't that so much as it is the idea of the tubes as  "variable" that I have "mixed feelings" about.  On the one hand, I actually like that tubes are so easy to "tune".  OTOH, I don't like it that tubes "drift" and wear out.

As for the sound, again, I do like it...  when it's at or near its best.  I would love to get from a "small", battery powered, 100% SS the Tone, "ambience", and "insight" I get from the K&K.

If in the meantime the Grid here works itself out, I might never make another post like this one.

Paul S

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