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Post Subject: I shake my head in disbeliefPosted by N-set on: 3/2/2013
 Paul S wrote:
Shake yourself, N-set!
Sealed suspension, new stylus, my ass...

Best regards,
Paul S

Well Paul, I did not shake myself and given your list above I risked with the first two positions, skipping your ass ;-)
I got a Bavarian, Weizenbier marinated FR7f, 6 digit S/N, Namiki quadrophonic Q4 stylus+boron super thin
cantilever, super low hours...blahblablah....wank wank wank....
Hm...I put into SME3012R on my EMT930. A very crazy stuff! I'm far away from any serious optimization yet, 97R load results
in the hyperresolving, atomized mode, briliantly described here:

VTA set so-s0, 2.6g VTF (Vhat The Fuck), 1:10 SUT which is not enough...
but even non-optimized, the interesting moments it's able to paint, are just plain crazy in their naturalness, dynamical and
tonal picture, emotional least to my non-existent sonic intelligence and deaf ears...I touch my stupid headpones
trying to touch that Sound I'm being exposed to...quite hallucynogenic
Still those moments are a bit discontinously separated by less interesting ones, lowering the emotional attention.
I'm working to ameliorate that (the first culprint is too low load) and get a more stable emotional output.

Loosely comparig to the London Jubilee I auditioned in my setup some months ago, London was putting a very nice and constant,
creamy flow, which at beginning catchy, with some LP's became too predictable. Nothing like that here, so far.

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