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Post Subject: A verdict: SME M2 tonearm Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/6/2004

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Actually, the M2-12 turned out to be a good arm. It really does Sound very good. I used it with Denon 103M and 103D. It has very “interesting” midrange in a way more interesting then SME3012 but not as dry as the SMEV. I detected just 3 limitations:

1) Price. The 12” version of M2 retails for near $2K.
2) Extreme LF. With all proper resonanses the arm for whatever mystery reasons has “different” lower LF. However, 99.9 % or audio-people out there should not worry about it, as thier playback systems do not operate in that region properly anyway. Also, I would say that the M2 has ~1/2-1dB more LF then it should be (with all other equal and balanced conditions). This LF “boos” should be very much welcomed by most of the audio audio-freaks.
3) There is no extra space on my TT to accommodate 4th tonearm…:-(

Anyhow, M2 is quite good and now I do like all its features and all-together quite positive performance…

The caT

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