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Post Subject: Not so musical Blizzard so far.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/9/2013

I forward you post to Amy and here is what she responsed:

“hmmm, bruckner is not the most snow-evocative composer. opening of 7? 4? personally, i like mahler 4 in a blizzard - something about the sleighbells. lieutenant kije suite, sibelius 3, and if no power, maybe end of shostakovich 15...”

In realist it was so far not so musical Blizzard. The last nigh what the fun was unfolding outside (3-4” per hour and 45m/h wind) I was playing Bruckner 1. It is unfortunately undervalued work but I enormously love it. I was trying to match the flying snow with the tempo of Scherzo but it was too gusty outside. We did not go anywhere further then Bruckner 1. Today is a first day of seclusion (~27” of snow) and I did not turn the playback on. My good neighbor is in Florida, so I have two large driveways to clean and 3 cars dig out from  God know how much snow.

I hope tonight we will finish the second and their acts of Barcelona production of “Queen of Spades”. It is Blue Ray addition with Eve Podles – a very good production and the first act was top notch.  Last night we saw film “Hysteria”. I love when women talk about equal rights and shared responsibility but then send you to shovel snow alone… So, I guess I will be playing today a different music…

The Cat

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