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Post Subject: A good industry person is dead industry person.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/28/2013

Robert, sorry but you yourself in the “doormatish” position. You see, many audio people elevate the individuals who write for audio publication to some kind of shrine level and attribute to them some kind of special qualities, expecting them to be special and express “special” judgment regarding audio subjects. The reality is that even through in the industry there are some few individuals who are in position of prominence for right reasons but unfortunately absolutely dominating majority of audio public figures, particularly the writers, are incredible idiots.

Regardless who you might be, your qualifications, knowledge, ethics or just plan metal capacity, if you knock in the door of any audio publication, promise to protect and preserve the industry status quo then you will instantly become the Board Certified Audio Reviewer and if you in beginning of your reviewing career will not steal too much then you very soon get some popularity among manufacturers and will regularly receive gear from them to write your “reviews”.  You understand that in this environment the individuals who end up writing their obligatory “reviewing” articles about audio are the bottom of the barrel, literally and figuratively.

Mr. Valin got some traction in industry as spineless leech and he has no respect in the industry.  I did know some manufacturers whose products he reviews very positively   and you will not believe the level of disrespect and contempt they expressed about him. However, this is a food chain and this is how marketing works – somebody needs to step up to a microphone and issue the order “Fetch” for the public, so here is the junk like Valin play their indispensable role.

Now, why you suddenly, after witnessing that the guy is asshole will “read Mr. Valin's reviews with a new sense of skepticism”? Did you with your judgment of audio did not feel that Mr. Valin’s thinking about audio worth no mode that used toilet paper? If Mr. Valin's did not insulated you at the show then you would continue to treat his stupid writing with respect and attention?

What I am saying is that regardless how disrespectful Valin behaved to you or to anybody else it is not something that defines his dim-witted value.  The Valin-guy is much more pathetic then just to be hated for his CES behavior. You feel that many other industry pimps who invested Vegas during CES are much better? How many stores you want to hear? A good industry person is dead industry person. As soon you embrace this simple postulate the less you will experience disappointment among the audio industry  freaks.

Romy The Cat

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