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Post Subject: The truthPosted by Stitch on: 1/27/2013
That is the way the System works. Not the customer is the goal (he is only the tool who brings the money), the reviewer is the one to go for. The reviewer guarantees the success of a product (in general). Valin for example is known to be among the most corrupt guys in that Industry, but his ability to write keeps him in business. And the other guys aren't much better. The customer (you) gets exactly what he deserves.
My last visit at a High End Show was in a room where lots of people refused to leave, the sound was really, really good. But it was presented from some new, imported brands.

My Buddy: Hey Stitch, that amp is so fantastic, I never heard anything which comes close. Superb, absolutely superb.

Stitch: Yes. Are you going to buy it???
Buddy: No. I will wait for the first reviews.
Stitch: Why? You listened to it for more than 1h and it is the way you said.
Buddy: Yes, But I want to know what the reviewers think about......

The customers don't trust their own ears, opinion and the Manufacturers know that. The customer is no force here.

Happy Listening :-)

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