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Post Subject: The new Lamm’s strange layout.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/16/2013

A Federated Mike started his new venture, the portal where he feel people would like to go to do “purchase research”. Those poor audio dealers do not get that someone might have interests in audio outside the brands, shopping and needs to develop owner pride. Anyhow, mike customary do very good pictures at audio shows – probably the best out there and this time he was in his ‘amplua’ – posted great pictures from CES.

There is very little that attracted my attention during the CES but one aspect of the new Lamm phono did raise my brow. Take a look at:

… the image where the new control state with no top. You might click the magnifying glass and will starch to the higher resolution. In my view the control unit is virtually empty with insultingly far distance between the step up transformer and grid of the first stage. Frankly all those two arguably needles power supplies and control box are very empty and signal-caring traces spread very far. I do not say that it is bad but I do insist that if it was closer then it would be better then it is now.

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