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Post Subject: Eq for 78'sPosted by guy sergeant on: 12/20/2005
Hi Romy,

Due in part to your enthusiasm for the older 78 rpm recordings and in part to my own curiosity I have decided to add the facility to play these to my system. It also helps that an old aunt has given me a large quantity of classical recordings which I feel I should investigate.  I have acquired an old LEAK mono pre-amp which has various eq settings for different recording formats including a 78 'English' position.  To start with I shall be using the Shure M78 cartridge and see how the results are with that before looking at something more serious.

My question is regarding how you play back these recordings. Does your phono corrector have a different setting (or more than one) for playing back the 78's you have?

It seems there can be many different eq options depending on who produced the disc.

I'd be interested to know how you deal with it.

best regards,


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