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Post Subject: Orion Phono PreamplifierPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/10/2013

There is a new company out there that make some electronics. I do not know them, never heard anything that they do and do not know anyone who use their products. They have a phonostage that might be interesting.

It looks like it is a fully active SS phonostage with RC filtration. The CONTINUOUSLY adjustable source impedance made me wonder how they did it, not to mention if it even sensory. I can see somebody another idiot reviewer playing his TT in spa and pontificate how different Debussy’s “La mer” was when he change the cartridge loading from 47R to 49.6R.

The digitally condoled selectable record EQ curves is certainly good but lately I do not feel that selectable fixed curves is such a great aider and they very little comply with standards. I would rather to have optional and easy accessible RIAA override that would allow me to make my own judgment what EQ shall be.   My experience with flattener of response suggests that I by hearing can tune music myself to much higher degree of accuracy then any compliance or not compliance to the industry standards.

The specification of the thing is pretty much empty but I do anticipate high gains of 85dB  and very low noise.

What attracted me in this phonostage is that they look like try to build it in the same way how Germans Rohde Schwarz or American Watkins Johnson built their UHF equipment in past - with compartmentalisation and expensive shielding of individual sections. For sure it helps to noise and have very little to do with Sound, still I feel that it is commendable way to do if it not lead to a too much extension of signal path.

If some of you have a reasonable opportunity to hear that thing then it would be interesting to hear what you feel about it.

Romy the Cat

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