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Post Subject: It is $33K for some empty boxes.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/7/2013

There is more information about the Lamm new LP1 phono preamplifier, including the price of $33K

The images do charley show two step up transformers at the entrance and pair of gain stages per channel. It also shows the DIP switches with wish presumable users might set MC impedance loading and MM capacitance loading. The large “last” cap look like in the right location, which is good.

The PS boxes and the condoler box are quite empty with long traces spread all over the boards. That was very expected. I have no idea why Vladimir did not make two controller boxes – than he would be able to charge $38K-$43K

In the end, even disregarding the bad selection of cheap tubes, in this corrector there is a lot will depends from the quality of the step up transformers. Vladimir for sure knows how to make good transformers but considering his cynical history the question if he went for any serious transformers or juts used the same crap as he used in his LP2?

There an interesting moment in this corrector. Lamm use regulated filaments, this is controversial subject.  My experiment with regulation of filaments indicated that it was not good move as sound become slightly more “flat”. I used cheap SS regulators and large external tube regulated PS. Lamm, I am sure use some SS regulation and I wonder why he deseeded to do it as I do not see any sonic benefits. My feeling is that in pursue of his habitual cynicism he put the heater regulation just to feel the empty space in those PS boxes.

I do not see the Lamm’s new phono preamplifiers to be as popular and as interesting to use as his ML2.0 power amps was or as his L1 preamp was – two best models Lamm did in my estimation. I am sure it will be a few idiots out there who would pull from Vladimir hands anything he made just to feel good about themselves but it has absolutely nothing to do with Sound.

Among the equitable to Lamm LP1 phono preamplifiers are made with much less cynicism I would name for instance Allnic H-1500 II. It is somewhere around $4K-$5K, it has better RLC equalization, it has the same slightly over 70dB gain and it has to be a direct competitor (as a unit) to what Lamm did now. I am sure the contemporary Lamm idiots-users would consider something as Allnic is beneath them but there is a reason why I call them idiots. I am sure the glowing reviewers from Marks Michelson and the rest of the Lamm’s obsequious-sycophants are coming.

Romy the Cat

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