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Post Subject: So, you can yell. That's nice.Posted by TheOptimist on: 12/12/2012
Romy, you ought to take your own advice. 

"You have whatever TT you have. Use it and shut up."

I didn't start the discussion. You were clearly incensed about Mr. Walker's discussion of percentages. That led you to attack him personally, and to say his 'table is tweaky and unstable. It is not. You can disagree with the engineering decisions on a theoretical level, but if you ever heard it, you wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it. Which leads me back to the question:

Romy, have you heard the 'table or not? And do you have the integrity to honestly answer the question?

You can call me a worthless idiot, you can get loud and angry, but it doesn't change the fact the the Walker is one of the most highly regarded turntables on the planet, and there's a reason. That reason is the way it SOUNDS. I know what the 'table sounds like, and I know why. You assume I'm an "uncontestable idiot"... why is that?

So, I'll ask again. Have you heard the Walker? If you have, what were your complaints? Or you can simply scream and yell and carry on as you have, and accuse ME of posting "adolescent BS". Whichever you'd prefer.

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