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Post Subject: Since "sucking" has come up...Posted by TheOptimist on: 12/11/2012
I've been reading these comments for years now, and it's getting pretty tired. So I think it's about time someone spoke up.

I've done some work with Mr. Walker, I know the guy, and most importantly, I've ACTUALLY HEARD HIS TURNTABLE. It is a sonic work of art. You CONSTANTLY bash it, but it's always "a guy you know" that has complaints about it. No firsthand experience. All talk. 

You claim the table is unstable. It's nothing of the kind - Google Walker Proscenium Reviews, check Audiogon, Audio Asylum, 6Moons, etc... it's a myth. And Harry Pearson? The reason he claims he won't review the 'table is because it "doesn't sound like anything - how can I review a 'table that doesn't have its own sound?" Lloyd's whole goal is to reproduce the recordings in a completely uncolored way. HP accidentally paid him the highest possible compliment.

Many industry reviewers use Walker turntables because they choose to. The manufacturer lets the reviewer borrow a component, and if the reviewer thinks it's the best, HE WANTS TO KEEP IT, so he continues to put his opinion of it in print. That's how the industry works. 

I'm going to try to ignore the personal attacks on Lloyd, because you ought to know better than to attack a man's integrity based on your own baseless opinions. I'm just going to say this:

Romy, you have no experience with the Walker Turntable. I doubt you've ever even heard it. As such, you should have no opinion on it. If you do, you've allowed "what you've heard", and God only knows from whom, to become your "expert" opinion. Perhaps you should try getting some experience with something BEFORE forming an opinion. You might just learn something.

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