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Post Subject: Yes and no.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/12/2012
 Stitch wrote:
… they have 2 weak features
- a Platter which rings
- no suspension

No arguments here BUT how the Platter Ringing and No Suspension impacts sound? I mean we can take a hummer, smack the platter and observe ringing. However, how THAT ringing propagate itself to Sound. I think we both agree that we do not know it as there is no imperial data about it. we can take another platter that presumably has no ringing and observe different type of sound. Nevertheless we not necessary know that this different type of sound would be the derivation of ringing but not the derivative of many other reasons. We do talk about ringing juts because we can observe it but it is not all what it is. The same is with suspension. We do agree that suspension or decompiling of TT from floor is important but who said that decompiling of platter from base is important?   In contrary I feel that decompiling of platter is double edge sword that address some problems and create others…
 Stitch wrote:
BUT, when we look at their latest units, we can see that Micro discovered these Problems in their last years. They offered a Vacuum Base (comparable to a modern Vibraplane) and a steel platter.

Well, it is not necessary true. The micro owner told me that they use bronze platter at the time what most of equipment was powers by SS amplification. As the tube amplification was getting back they felt that bronze platter is too colored for soft sounding tubes and they went for steel platters. I personally do not feel that it is so critical as the debate between bronze vs. steel platter is applicable only on their 5000 and 8000 units that use vacuum hold down, or the satiations when a record is sitting right on the platter. I do not think that it is so critical or even important if platter terminated buy hard-rubber mat.
 Stitch wrote:
It is not easy for the normal Reader to find out what is really good, we know, even crap gets great recommendations. In a way the only solution is to travel to owners from whatever tables and to listen to their units. Sooner or later you will learn why some designs sound better than others, when you find out why this is the way it is, you are experienced, so it is step by step.

Recommendations is complicated things and grossly misunderstood by “Normal Readers”.
 Stitch wrote:
But real life also will show that you can ruin the best Performance with the rest of the chain, let's say in theory you listen to a super turntable but the Arm, Phonostage, Preamp, Amp is horrible, you can imagine what kind of result will be offered.

Well, in my books a good TT is the one that is not a weakest element of the chain, the chain where user’s reference point are factored in….

The Cat 

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