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Post Subject: Combining and Adapting Near MissesPosted by Paul S on: 11/8/2012

It's starting to look like an unspoken rule that a contemporary "TT manufacturer" is expected to offer a "package" that includes an arm, and many of these folks even offer "their own" cartridges, as well.  It also looks like many of these "combinations" wind up taking away from an otherwise useful TT, arm or cartridge...

Speaking of "useful", I bought my SOTA new in...  1988, and it's never been down, apart from when I split a bearing, while moving the thing across town without engaging its "transit screws"; in other words, the resultant damage was totally my fault.  The only tweaking this TT ever needs is to keep it level as the house slowly tilts and slides to Hell.  I mention this because I think SOME used TTs are viable options, to save money; they seem to run realiably for a LONG time.  Basically, I'm not sure there's an advantage to new ones I have seen/heard, at least not in the systems I've seen/heard them in!

I would like to play with the newer Spiral Groove TT, and maybe the big Merrill; but not badly enough to pony up for one!  What else is a better risk than the old Micro?

Paul S

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