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Post Subject: Re: Say “no” to the light tonearms.Posted by Wojtek on: 12/12/2005

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Thats interesting. I'm using light Dennon arm (DA-401 one of their best models if it means anything) with Grado Sonata cart. Everything accept classical sounds very good.With classical so far I have the best results in my car radio or in my girlfirend mid -fi pioneeer setup when radio plays. I always thought that it may be some psychoaccustic phenomena (state of relaxation in the car or at girlfrien place ) but your FM thread (most interesting for me in this site) got me thinking . I read somwhere within your writing you mentioned your (or your friends experience) with loading grados but can't find it.(I know you don't care for grados much but that what was available to me )Also do you think that added mass to the arm tube may help.
Rgrds, Wojtek

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