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Post Subject: Manufacturing CapabilitiesPosted by Paul S on: 9/25/2012
It really is a shame that there is no market for really good-sounding drivers.  Although I hope to have a useable one-off up and running before I die, it is the drizzling shits having to invent and build even my own templates and jigs in order to try to hold to acceptable tolerances while making formers, winding VCs, removing, modifying and re-fitting cones, etc., ad nuseum.  Suffering DIY, it happens all too often that a minor diviation from intended measurements or values renders the results no good, and most of the carefully-selected materials and sub-assemblies go to waste.  And all the time I am futzing around like a caveman, I am aware that all the machinery needed to streamline and properly control the processes is extent, and it's used every day to crank out one after another bad-sounding driver that will be stamped and shipped and received and re-labled and built into a bad-sounding speaker.

I have actually added a few tools to my already extensive collection because I "needed" them for some small part of the driver building process.  And some of these tools I've never even used yet.  Still, there are plenty more specialty tools I wish I had free access to.

Since I really do hate DIY, and since this has been such a giant drudge, you might reasonably think I'd find another way.

Well, I keep my ears open and my eyes peeled, believe me!

Paul S

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