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Post Subject: Informity?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/17/2012
Well, this concept of Defense Mode is good for superficial explanation (or for selling to ourselves own justifications) and I use to use it in past but I do not use it for a few years as unfortunately it is not what it is. The correction of “the wrong sound” is certainly is taking place but the “wrong sound” does not encompass all explanation as within  that definition of “wrong sounds” there is a whole array of specific problems. There are attributes of “wrong sound” that mind is accustomed to deal with, there are attributes that might be very easy to dealt with phycho-acoustical filters of perception and there are some “wrong sounds” that our brain juts has no defense as the type of “wrong sounds” that playback produce does not exists in nature (vibration subject in air) and therefore our hearing and perception juts does not know how to interpret it. Furthermore, dealing with “wrong sounds” and utilization of “override” mechanism in the Defense Mode trends to be individual thing and it is very difficult to bring any universal rule into it. I made many experiment with different listeners and I concluded that the explanation like “restricting and even shrinking down the boundaries of the human consciousness, thus reducing the ability of the brain to get the message of the music being played” is a wonderful explanation only for the people who subscribe that explanation. I certainly do but I would not legislate in my personal preference and would not declare it as some kind universal rule.
I do not insist that MF, HF, or UHF topology has to be the same. I insist that they have to produce the same type of sound that not necessarily derived from the same topology. It not even has to be the same sound but rather the sonic results have to be coordinated. Generally audio people do not ether understand or have no ability to manage the coordination of the individual drivers (particularly at HF) and therefore it would be nice if some manufactures would take care of it, if manufactures can do it of cause.

The higher order crossovers are a complicated subject. I disagree that it is subject of power handling. No one care about power handling as in home playback we do not use more powers then we need to do what we need. crossovers order  Is for sure is an expressive tool and it needs to be viewed in context of everything else, particularly in context of given tweeter topology.

Haralanov said:” No UHF driver can improve the sound of a bad sounding HF driver, regardless the amount of the wishful thinking one has in that direction”. That is very interesting comment. For sure we do not need to use “bad sounding HF drivers” that has ultrasonic resonances (most of them so) but can we acoustically (in air) damp the ultrasonic resonances with another ultrasonic injection from another driver. I do not have answer but it would be interesting to experiment. Haralanov claims that it is impossible but I have no experience with it to accept it or deny it. I for sure will not experiment with it personally as my tweeters do not go over 19K, so I continue my life in sonic deprivation and restricted listening consciousness. The concept is interesting however….

Ignorance is bliss? This is a complicated subject, very complicated. Ignorance is a subordinate of a person being more or less informed. I made many experiment with listeners who were perfectly happy with sound. Then I informed them about some ill specifics in that perfect sound. As the result then develop very predictable “Defense Mode” toward to those specifics. Then I addressed the cause of the specifics and the people felt that “Hallelujah” effect.  Then I introduced them with another specifics and the game started again. It is interesting that if you have uninformed person with restricted listening intelligence (I mean playback of cause) then you can have a “perfect sound” (means the problem with sound do not exceed then person ability to understand the problem), than you intestinally introduce some huge problem in Sound and the person very much might not even acknowledge that something was changed. I have seen it again and again and in some instances even I had become the subject of that behavior. Understanding of ourselves and our relationship with Sound is what high-end audio is all about. Of cause it is only in my view and some people might feel that audio is an art of soldering, adjusting the high of cable elevators or rewinding the capacitors foil…

BTW, if you pay attention that the industry very much use that informity/satisfaction patter and I have been beaching about it for years. Distribution of goods in industry is made by sponsoring review and for years and years industry employs the institution of writing retard who pre-develop faulty informity in public in order to introduce to market a new audio product that would address that faulty artificial informity. It happed in US since idiot-Regan administration. Before 70s US marketing recognized the people needs and delivered the goods to address the needs. Since then they flipped the operation upside down and introduce that grotesque concept when industry will produce whatever is profitable and marketing will shape the needs of consumer into order to navigate their need to the crap that was profitable to manufacture. As a result we have a nation that does not recognize own need, has no sensibility and only has a habit to navigate itself from one in-boxed product to another product.

It might look like my detest of American marketing has very little to do with audio but it is the manifestation of the concept of informity and awareness that very much play role during listening and activation of Defense Mode. But I need to shut up as Amy told that word “uninformed” is a derogatory word in US vocabulary, so I am shunting up to keep a piece in the family…

Romy the Cat

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