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Post Subject: Audio Shopping vs. Piano Shopping.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/9/2012
It is so funny how the things are turning up. Amy brought her grandma’s piano that was not user for good 40 years. After we set it up and tune we concluded that the piano is not good. We concluded that we do discard the sentimental value and will not “work” on this piano and will get another one. We are not in hurry and we slowly looking for another piano. We want 6.3’ grand. That had opened a Pandora Box for all imaginary things.

I want a piano with very specific sound… and I do not play. I however have very precise vision how the sound of the piano shell be and so far we did not see anything that fit the demand. The closest was one 6.1’ Steinway from 1909 but it was also far from what I would like to have.

Amy insists that what I describing to her does not exist. She inform me that the sonic qualities I describe to her exist only within a few selected 9 feet pianos and they easy cost a 1/4 million dollars. I do not know too much about piano abut I do know what sound I would like to get from piano.

The irony is that my piano shopping attitude is very identical to my audio shopping.  The pure girl did not know what she is dealing with… I do not care what dress I ware, what car I drive and what curb appeal of my house but I happen do care and do have very high standards about sound producing machines. Her viola in her hands does has a wonderful tone, so why our pianos would not have wonderful qualities as well. This is most likely the only piano we ever going to buy in our life – so why do not please ourselves with worthy sound? How different it shell be from Sound of a playback?

The Cat

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