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Post Subject: BildungsromanPosted by Paul S on: 8/3/2012
Sure, there might be older cartridge designs that sounded good in their day if someone knew how to use them, but even new cartridges exhibit serious unit-to-unit variations.  Add aging and/or deteriorating suspensions, contacts, fasteners, wires, cantilevers, etc., and the numerical odds of getting a lemon go up exponentially.  I am also skeptical of refreshing a cartridge by taking an old stylus out of a cantilever and pressing a new stylus into and re-using "the same" cantilever.  The range of potential problems in a process like this is astronomical.  Whose garage is it done in?

As for "broadcast standard" or "studio playback standard" cartridges, I have owned several over the years, and these designations do not ensure unit consisistency, immunity from deterioration, nor Music in the home.

Not to impune the FR-7f, etc., but just some due diligence, based on personal experience.

I suppose you've already looked to see if Ikeda has any current offerings?

OTOH, if you insist to buy the antique afterall, N-set, you will at least have another chapter for your Bildungsroman.

Best regards,
Paul S

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