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Post Subject: A Night ride.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/23/2012

Last night I was returning from local production of Tchaikovsky’s Iolanta. It was mean rain here in Boston and fragile Bostonians were hiding in their homes, it was 10PM and the roads were free. I was in mood for some kind of offensive drive – a new car with new tires does stimulate to do it… I opened up the windows, max up the radio and for a next 30 minutes of driving from Brookline to Woburn I had absolutely phenomenal time. So, if you are residents of Brookline, Alston, Somerville, Arlington, Winchester and Woburn and your kids were waked up last night by a driving by Moron with loud radio then it was me.

If you remember the Solaris, not the American idiotic version but the Tarkovsky’s 1972?

The film had the celebrated drive-by scene with violin transcription of Bach 1st keyboard Concerto – unprecedented 15 minutes salient drive with only Bach music.  That what I had last night only I was in the driving sit. The music was Viktoria Mullova crashing through second Bach Partita with her 1750 violin using gut strings a baroque bow. That was unspeakably beautiful and precious, so precious that I even shut the fuck up and did not talk in car for 30 mounts, which was also unprecedented event.

The caT.

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