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Post Subject: You got to be kidding!!!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/9/2012

I do not blame John Atkinson specifically. He is not better or worse than any other his idiot-colleges. Take a look the level of the moronity this time John Atkinson allows himself to fell. In his “review” of Lamm M2.1:

…John the Reviewer writes the following:

“Back home, it was apparent that I needed to apply a small amount of midbass boost to the WAV files to compensate for these mikes' farfield rolloff below 150Hz or so. When I used the Lamms set to "8–16" and judged by ear the amount of EQ needed, using Pure Music's Audio Plug-Ins function and the Bias SuperFreq-4 VST equalizer, there wasn't quite enough boost when I reset the Lamms' bias to "1–6." I'm not talking about much boost—a shelf of a few dB below 125Hz—but the point is that my judgment of how much boost was just enough depended on the M1.2's bias setting. “

Honestly, if the imbecile work for me and bring to me something like this than it would be the reason for instant disqualification. The idiot sat to “review” some kind of amplifier, drives it with a signal from his DAW and fucks everything up with digital EQ and file reader’s Plug-In! Why the retard plugs the Reverb Plug-In or Stereo Enhancer Plug-In and then writes about the “wonderful space” from M1.2?

I do not care that Mr. Atkinson is deaf do not hear how those Plug-Ins destroys absolutely everything – his deafness,  listening ignorance and gross incompetence is well know. My primary rage is that the idiot openly informs that he perform huge EQ of his playback and then try to express some “reviewing” point of views. This is preposterous!

The Cat

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