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Post Subject: I still have a real aversion to SACD players, but...Posted by manisandher on: 4/2/2012
... am intrigued with DSD DACs. And for three main reasons:

1) If you look at the attached jpeg (taken from, DSD recording appears to have a simpler path than most modern PCM recording. (However, this is not the case with the ADCs you use as both the Lavry and PM converters use ladder ADC/DAC chips with no sigma-delta modulator stages, as far as I know.)

2) DSD downloads are on the rise.

3) SACDs can now be ripped to .dff files (though this requires an early Sony PS3 machine to do the ripping), which can then be replayed on a DSD DAC.

I recently bought a Mytek DSD DAC and can rip SACDs to .dff files with a PS3. I haven't spent a lot of time listening to .dff files on the Mytek, but what I've heard so far is pretty encouraging - not as good as the best PCM, but better than all the modern PCM DACs (all of which use SDM stages) I've heard.


EDIT: can't seem to attach jpeg

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