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Post Subject: To buy an SACD Player?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/2/2012

My contra-SACD position is well known but unfortunately as I predicted mode and more SACD recording are being realized and they have already vandalized by SACD format. It look like no one record nowadays on PCM if companies even want to release 24bit  PCM recording then they record in SACD and convert the files to 24bit  PCM.  So, essentially we do not buy the 24bit master dabs but the down converted surrogate that use PCM as source. It is not so bad the recordings has been already compromised but SACD but then in the picture enter an idiot who do conversion with his $99 converter and his desire to “improve” the things. It would be kind of good if the idiot releases the 24bit as “dab” from the master SACD file. The most retarded from those idiots actually copy of the SACD disks to PCM. The David Chesky’s HDTracks do it for years:

Those Morons’ hands need to be cut by chain saw and very slowly. The PentaTone Classics never recorded or released the Kreizberg/Vienna take on Bruckner but the HDTracks sell the 16bit and 24bit files that they made… from 16bit version CD layer of SACD. What a fucking idiots!!!

Anyhow, with all my unhappiness of the situation the dirty dirt very frequently write the CD layer of SACD with MUCH inferior quality (to encourage customers to buy SACD because it is “better”). This way quite a lot of never music become not available to play by CD. So, I wonder if it worth to me buy a damn SACD player. I have absolutely no knowledge about SACD players, have no interests to learn it and extend absolutely no credibility to the people who consider themselves the SACD experts. Still, I would like to hear my Bruckner in high-res format and unfortunately it is not available other vise. So, is any $200 SACD player or SACD CD-ROM for my DAW is available out there?

Romy the Cat

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