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Post Subject: I am not a big fan of Apple mashines.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/5/2011

I have old PCI Lynx card. I think they do have a new version with PciE, it call Lynx AES16e:

It still despite the PciE will not go to laptop….

Anyhow, I heard a lot of comments that MAC does very good DAW machine. Unfortunately I hate MAC, in fact I do not like Apple at all and my universe did not even shake when Steve Jobs died. As far as I concerned it was the death of the person why polluted people minds with digital compression of music. There is nothing else he did that I am informed or care.

Some people assured to me that old MAC 4 is a fantastic playback platform and it will blow anything out there. The same people assured me that if I do not play MAC 4 than I can’t hear 50% of music, if I know what I mean.

I heard that MAC machines are quieter and have better CD-ROM drives. The problem is that I do not know how to deal with MAC machines. I am software industry professional and run Microsoft-centric consultancy.  I am so accustom to Window machines that each time I see MAC I literally twisting my arms. I can’t open or close window in there, I can’t move mouse in there – everything is tremendous pain and tremendous discomfort to me in MAC. I do not mind to try it and assess the MAC’s sonic perspective but I truly afraid the I will hate to use it. I did try a few times and it was a huge pain to me.

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