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Post Subject: Better organization/design forDAW.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/17/2011

Last couple month when I rebooted my DAW it has difficult time to start up; it looks like motherboard is going and bias sometime during boot does not see hardware. Usually with 30 min and 10-60 automatic recursive attempts the machine boots and then works fine. I think the main reasons are that back in 2005 when I entered DAW world and built this box the silence was a key for me and I went for open box configuration where motherboard is exposed to dirt, dust, moisture and etc….. It was not too smart move but it was fast and convenient at that time.

I kind of slowly am considering rebuilding my DAW. I do not look to do anything different: it still will be basic Windows machine with optimized OS, Lynx 16, WaveLab and pretty much nothing else. I however, wonder about 2 things:

1)      What hardware is approved for DAW machines? (Motherboard, possessors, USB comptrollers, perhaps OS version etc… Is any credible site that explores the subject of DAW-minded hardware?

2)      I wonder if it possible nowadays to have different configuration of DAW. For instance to have all driver in some kind or array storage over network and to have DAW with only OS and recording drive.

3)      Buy vs. build.  This is interesting and I do not mind to buy. I however need my own configuration. I need at least 6 drivers in the box: OS, Recording/Transition, Opera, Concertos, Symphonic, and Chamber. The OS, Recording/Transition driver have to be locally but the rest might be distributed and to be 1-2T. The existing audiophiles ready to buy machines are not optimized for recording and editing. They have some kind of crappie play software most of the time and silent operation. Bothe subjects that I care less. They also cost a lot – something that I do not like.

Anyhow, I need to define a configuration for my next DAW machine. Perhaps I need to look what pro audio folks do with their machines, even those they mend for different purposes. Did anybody go over DAW designing recently? What are the most current tendencies? I do not look into it for 6 years, I am sure something new might be out there…

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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