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Post Subject: How to run MM-type cartridge into MC phonostage?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/13/2011

I run both of my Reference and Daily tonearms into my “End of Life Phonostage”. As I told I do not know any way to commutate signals at phono level signal and I just re-plug the phono cables at the phonostage’s input. I have no problem with that as I never need my Reference and Daily tonearms at the same time.  The cartridges my Reference and Daily tonearm use Otophone Jubilee and SPU Classic , they are fine to be loaded into the same impedance, I use 73R.

My mono tonearm is a different animal. I use Otophone SPU Mono and even it is MC cartridge but it has essentially MC loading characteristic.  For this Mono tonearm I use a separate phonostage. It is essentially another 834PT with external choke-regulated PS but with no air-caps.  This phonostage loads Otophone SPU Mono to 23K and it goes sound very nice. However, it make signal do not flow over my Expressive Technology transformer that sits in input of “End of Life Phonostage”. 

So, I wonder if it possible somehow to load the cartridges that want to see 47K into 70R and to pass the signal by my reference phonostage? I wonder if I use some kind of good impedance-matching 1:1 little transformer and still to take advantage of the “End of Life Phonostage” capacity.  Does anybody come across any very-small, phono-level impedance-matching transformer? Probably it would be better do not have 1:1 but rather a small step down as the SPU Mono has some excessive gain.

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