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Post Subject: Any tool in hands of barbarian produces a barbarian result.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/30/2011

Yep, another TT but what does it mean “Analog is Back” and “new hope for the discriminated analog Audiophile”? This language is a crap that industry and armature cheerleaders develop to pump themselves and others up. However, in my view this language has very little relevance to reality and in most of the cases is an indication of ether lightweightness, stupidity or fraud.

I did not see or heard the Wave Kinetics NVS and from what I saw there is very little that they described about own TT at their site. I like the perimeter mounting plate that is VERY convenient and I was thinking a few years back to do it on my TT. The speed switching panel got some prominence that I feel is not good – how frequently one need to switch it? It is possible that it is a fine TT, no one knows – it is possible that those guys did something fine sounding, why not?

The unpleasant thing is that the Wave Kinetics people look like slide third prototype TT into the slippery ass of Mike Lavigne. Mike is known cheerleader for big gold watches form Robb Report, quite brainless in my estimation and I have evidences of my assessment of him. It is not about the Mike Lavigne’s competence or incompetence. Mike is representative of the specific awareness that I fund absolutely idiotic and the forum where he posted all of it is the great depiction of that idiocy. Those people not even understand that by saying what they say about Wave Kinetics NVS they in fact provide unwillingly quite negative feedback about the NVS turntable.

Any tool in hands of barbarian produces a barbarian result. Lavigne was drooling saliva about his Rockfort, that was know piece of crap, and he used the same adjectives and declared a new era of analog. The retard never was able to state what was the sonic problem with his Rockfort TT and now the time of Wave Kinetics comes. Stitch , you need to understand that those people do not understand better or worth, they have no objectives or any rudimental integrity to own reference points. It is just 8 months past and they need to invent for themselves and new Messiah or a new subject of internet verbal defecation. Some men move from blond to brunette, some from BMW to Porsche, some from marihuana to LSD, some build trains in basement, some buy paragliders and move to Himalayas. Mike buys a new TT as he gets bored with old one. It is not sound, not a design idea, not anything that is important, it is just the time to move forward in his acquisition and cheerleading hobby.

Last night I spoke with a guy I know who invited a new truly unique phonostage devise that never ever exist before and have some interesting benefits.  He asked me how would be “properly” to distribute it. I told him that he needs to restrict the life-span of the devise by 7-8 months (despite that the devise is everlasting) and make the audio people to re-charge or to replace it in 7-8 months as it would perfectly correlates with mental menstruation of an average audio person. I absolutely assure you that the audio trash of Mike Lavigne caliber would be the very first who would write ode about it.

Saying, all of it I would like to note that I say nothing negative about this new TT itself, I just do not know and not particularly care.

The Cat

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