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Post Subject: Paranormal PentodesPosted by Brian Clark on: 10/3/2004

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 Romy the Cat wrote:
<p>Brain,</p> <p>C’mon, I was kidding about the “Electron Intensification Interface”!</p>

Ah, really? So you were just winding us up! Now there's a surprise ;o)
I was amassing a nice little stockpile of americum-241 too...

Thanks for your impressions on the valve varieties. I've got just the one pair of selected and closely matched Mullard E810F, marked "Foreign Made" so almost certainly Philips. For D3a I have a couple of Rohre-Siemens and a couple of still-sealed-in-box Telefunkens. Everybody who has used this baby thinks very highly of it.

Thorsten Loesch has sketched me 2 or 3 possible circuits and given me a short tutorial on pentode lore.

Just got to finish off one or two tasks then I can concentrate on my "korrektor". In the meantime, I will continue to keep my eyes and ears open for implementation ideas.


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