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Post Subject: More things for me to explore...Posted by mem916 on: 10/16/2011
Hmmm...  Now I have something else to play with.  Next time I am set up to record I will make yet another pass at firebird with the Tascam set to 88.2 so I can see if I can hear any degradation in my downsamped 88.2 file.  I wonder if some converters try to do more than they should when going from 176.4 to 88.2?  I suppose if someone were very serious they could dig into this and use a program to compare the result with the source to see if it simply skips ever other sample like I think it should, or if it is messing around with the data in the resulting samples.

I can understand not liking the 48K clock if you are interested in making CDs but it sounds like you have other reasons too.  I will have to poke around on your site and look for your notes on 48K.  (I just like the round numbers. Smile)

 Romy the Cat wrote:

Yes, I can play and can record everything. However, I do not have in my A/D that I used the 48X recording modes configured in the way how I would like them to be. It is not difficult to do but I would like do not do it as I against the 48K clock and with no one use it. So, naturally I would like do not breed the 48X file.
 mem916 wrote:
As for downsampling from 176.4 to 88.2 it is a very simple operation (throw away every other sample). 
It is correct only theoretically. In practice I never was able to change sample rate twice with destroying Sound, remind you that Pacific is the best rate converter the I ever see and it still does not it trouble-free. If you read my site more thenj you will learn that I advocate digital hygiene: is a file was ever DSP touched after conversion then it is not the file but a digital surrogate.


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