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Post Subject: Very far from Macondo and MilqsPosted by manisandher on: 10/16/2011
 Romy the Cat wrote:

 manisandher wrote:
  I'm asking because I'd like to know how closely I'm hearing your vinyl rig.

Do you have Macondo and Milqs? :-)

Not yet!

But I'm wondering how close the sound I'm currently getting from your digital file would be to the sound I'd get, were you to fly your whole vinyl rig (from cartridge to phono stage) over to my place. Of course, my electrostatics and transistor amp would sound totally different from your Macondo and Milqs... though my Berning SET and AKG headphones might sound closer. (Incidentally, I have 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' sitting right in front of me on my desk - really ought to make the effort to read it. It's my wife's favourite book ever also.)

I suppose what I'm really wondering is how far the sound of my current very, very modest vinyl setup is to your vinyl setup. I mean, I can just about live with my current vinyl setup... but yours, I'd be very, very happy with, I think... based on the file you posted. I just wondered if I could use your digital file as a benchmark were I to audition a few new vinyl rigs.


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