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Post Subject: My order of preference...Posted by manisandher on: 10/16/2011
1) Romy's file
2) Mark's 2nd file
3) Marks' 1st file

I agree with Romy's comments. Especially that his file sounds a lot more resolving - the "very fine micro-dynamics" that Romy talked about. I strongy suspect this is down to his ADC (having owned the same machine myself until very recently). Good as the Tascam might be, it doesn't sound like it can match the Model Two.

Comparing your 2nd file with your 1st Mark, it seems pretty obvious that the Tascam's attenuators, when used, are having some sort of HF filtering effect on the sound. Not at all unpleasant, but the sound becomes a bit more 'samey' with less differentiation between textures. Transients seem to suffer also, becoming more 'rounded' in the process. The pre helps, but maybe you're then coming up to the limits of the Tascam's capabilites...?

But all three files are very, very listenable... and a testament to how good vinyl can sound when done well. And to me, Romy's file doesn't sound at all 'barbaric'. Ever so slightly 'edgy' maybe, but not barbaric. In any event, I like it a lot and would be quite happy if I could get my very modest vinyl rig up to this calibre.

One thing I'd like to know from Romy though. Mark mentions that his recordings do not quite match the original vinyl. How do your 24/88.2 recordings sound vs. the original vinyl? I'm asking because I'd like to know how closely I'm hearing your vinyl rig.


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