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Post Subject: IonizersPosted by mem916 on: 10/14/2011

I just purchased a techni-stat ionizer.  I've noticed these things in the lab where I work for years and it just finally dawned on me to try one.  I couldn't talk myself into the $500 retail but I found used on eBay for $50.  Here's the techni-stat site: 

the little blue one is the one I got 758ST0610

In another thread I saw you installed a compressor to blow the dust off of your equipment.  Botron makes a nice ionizing blow gun if you have an air source.  I almost got one but the price is pretty high so I will use the Techni-stat for ionizing and T off of my turntable's compressor for dust removal.

PS Botron also makes bench-top ionizers.


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