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Post Subject: The Price of a Good EducationPosted by Paul S on: 10/3/2011
What is it, abiout a year simce I started down this road?  Time is such a swirl.  During most of this time I have listented to music mostly in terms of driver "evaluations", with very little of my usual deep listening just for pleasure.  Ugh.  But this is necessary, I'm afraid.  Yes, I have enjoyed some music from some drivers on occasion. But I it seems like the more I learn about materials versus sound, the more there is to learn; and so it goes.

I hesitate to say how many drivers I have "acquired" over the past year, not to mantion boxes and closets (and a garage...) full of papers, glues and parts. As for cost, I absolutely do not recommend this path as a way to "save money" via DIY!

As Haralanov has said, you will not find "suitable" drivers among the ready-made items.  In fact looking for "likely" candidates is like looking for hen's teeth in haystacks, in terms of liklihood of success and also hours spent versus "reward".  The "cost/benefit" here is not "off the charts", it is not even on the charts...

So, why continue?  Well, it might be like any addiction, where the "high" is (necessarilly...) very much the least of it.  In fact, this is likely the case.  OTOH, there actually are "highs". It turns out there is actually something to learn, and it turns out you can find situationally-good-sounding drivers if you keep after the search.  Now, getting these drivers to work with the other drivers, in a coherent, cohesive system, is something else again...  More often than not, one has to re-think even the good-sounding drivers.

Paul S

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