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Post Subject: It shall be something out there.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/16/2011
 el`Ol wrote:
Some find the first generation Playstation (1000er series) great.
I tried one with two different power supplies (original and after-market) with totally different sonic results. I think with enough knowledge for tweaking it I would have found a solution I really like.

Interning, I do not even know what the Playstation is. If the first generations of that Playstation were good CD transport then it might not too useable as only recently we got the CDR and CDW that do not reflect any laser.  I look up onlisd and it looks like Playstation come to the existence in 2011 and it might be a bit too old. If that Playstation sound good then it in addition has to have very powerful laser to be able to read many of today’s very bad reflecting CDWs.

My interests in this subject are not about just discovering a cheap CD transport. There are truly great CD transport out there. The TL0 and Forsell transports for instance are lights miles more interestingly sonically then most of the transports out there. Still, it looks like the “accomplishments” of those transports are … mechanical. How idiotic it is! I am very sure that electronically non of the best sounding CD transports present change, so I wonder if the contemporary much smarter and much faster methods of data acquisition and processing in transports can do the things that would make sonic advantage of old 40kG transports with vacuum suspension irrelevant.

The best case that I would envision would be some kind of ligh and simple external optical driver that would be connected to PC and would able to deliver to the computer Sound Card the data stream of the quality compatible to let say TL0. I know there are a lot of people who feel the CRW and DVD drivers in regular PS are just fine or even better then best dedicated audio CD transports but this is NOT might observation. What I observed was that PS optical driver are horrible sonically, particularly of you ask them to do direct, real time play.

Still, it shall not be so. A CD transport outputs in the end juts binary data and it shall not be so difficult to make that data to sound ambitiously. I do not know if we know what make digital stream to sound better or worth. Someone shall have this statistics, I am sure….

The Cat

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