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Post Subject: Cool toobzPosted by Brian Clark on: 10/3/2004


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Hello Romy

I am in a similar situation although not as far along as you since my "phonocorrector" experiments are yet to start. I in fact have the same valve types lined up so when I discovered your site yesterday there was a strong assonance!
The Peltier Effect heat pump is a simple small semiconductor device that efficiently transfers heat from one surface to another when connected to a power source. Sony use one in their C800G microphone to keep the 6AU6 valve cool with the object of significantly lowering its noise. I strikes me that it could be a useful technique to employ in MC stages. It can be added to an existing circuit simply by wrapping the valve(s) in copper foil with one side of the heat pump in intimate contact with the foil and the other side attached to a heat sink. Current to power the pump could then be tapped from the DC heater supply, taking care to get the polarity correct!
It's just an idea floated like a toy balloon, to be played with or popped (like your Electron Intensification Interface). I've got one of these Peltier things on the way so I will be able to experiment. It didn't cost me much more than 10 dollars. If I detect any worthwhile improvement in sound I will report.
BTW I am no way an electronic expert, just a bumbling amateur. A not very bright rat in a maze.
Wary of cats ;o)

Best wishes


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