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Post Subject: Virtual fatPosted by jessie.dazzle on: 9/9/2011
(Curiously, the "Contendo Reference" is not listed under speakers but has it's own tab)

Seems to be primarily an amp maker looking to branch out into speakers and custom audio installations. The image of the "Contendo" looks like it was rendered from CAD data (probably using Hypershot), in which case it's not too late to chop the bottom off the mid-bass horn and get it pointing straight out instead of being angled slightly up.

Edit: I take that back; the image may still be a computer rendering but looking further at the site, I see that they actually did make at least one "Contendo". I didn't and don't get the sense that the mid-bass horn is larger than 38"...

From their site:

The midbass horn enclosure measures 120cm in diameter "

I take that to mean that the enclosure (the egg, not the horn) measures 120cm or 47"; my guess is that they used a 115Hz (38" diameter) horn.

They do have one other speaker, the "Gladius" listed on their site; a 3-way direct radiator design. Nice looking but note the large expanse of hard, shiny material surrounding the HF driver and the pointed phase plug-like dust cap on the woofer; yes it might be intended only as decoration but it is also quite possibly used for mass-loading. It seems to be an earlier design, so we might assume they have learned some since then.


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