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Post Subject: Aries Cerat Contendo - the newest "fat" kid in the block....Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/8/2011

I have no idea what it is but it is something… Take a look:

It is 3 way horn loaded with external LF section, so far so good.  Atop then have RAAL ribbon that most likely hided in that appendix atop.  Some kind of midrange loaded into 350Hz Tractrix, which is fine. They said 4” midrange that it probably the side of the diaphragm not the exit. They clime the 118dB efficiency, this is VERY bad. I am afraid that it is BMS drivers, sad indeed.  In upperbass then have 8-inch driver loaded to look like put 100Hz horn. That is very cool as it is not our standard 36” horn but it looks like 40-45” – very bold move…. The housing of the driver is also very slick, sort of the La-horn negative opening melted with Bang & Olufsen home décor. It looks like the channels are time aligned- wish is an indication that the makers are not idiots. I wonder who are they, does anybody know about this company?

My only criticism is that I would like the MF to be in the same vertical axis – very hard to do with this midbass. I would like to have the bottom of the midbass to have a cord to cut off and to have flat bottom. It would save 4-5” and might, just might to let to put MF above. I think it still will be too high bit from 10” it might work out.

Anyhow, I think it was an interesting take.

The caT

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