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Post Subject: Peltier Effect my tail :-)Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/2/2004

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I really do not know. Under no circumstance I would like to send a message that I have any evolved knowledge in electronics and able to assess a topology or a principle without having even slightest idea what the principle was all about. I have some extended exposure to speakers design (the subject where I could be quite confident) but I was lucky enough do not develop any knowledge in electronics, as always somebody was around who facilitated what I needed. I never was so lucky with phonostages. Whatever I have seen available commercially or otherwise was not good. So, I made myself to learn how to build phonostages. I made 4 phonocorrectors up to now. This last version is the best so far but the ceremony of learning what this corrector does and how to get out of it what it might do is still going on…

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