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Post Subject: Holly Proscenium idiocy!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/28/2011

The idiots write the things and have are clueless what the write. It is time for another manufacture to remind that he is still alive and to initiate another round of cash collection for his customers. How they do it? Of cause by introduction of a new irrelevant modal number. The times when hi-end companies changed the chassis screw heard from flat to Philips and to introduce it as the “revolution in audio” have pasted.   You think it passed? Think again.

Walker audio have introduce a new Proscenium Black Diamond III Turntable.

“We had no intention of upgrading or changing the Proscenium Black Diamond II turntable.  It is already considered one of the best in the world.  We thought we had achieved the pinnacle of analog playback possibilities.  We were wrong.  Over the years, we have continued to improve different aspects of the Proscenium turntable.  One area of the turntable had remained essential unchanged was the turntable air suspension chambers – the chambers that support the weight of the turntable and isolate it from the equipment rack.  We began to experiment with ways to use lower pressure in the turntable air suspension chambers as a way of extending the life of the air chamber pods.  We didn’t expect the dramatic effect that a separate isolated air supply using lower pressures would have on the sound.   The result was amazing.  We found the perfect pressure for isolation, rigidity and resonance control.  We also discovered the ideal material to couple the air suspension pods to our Prologue Top Shelf.  Just this change in itself was a major breakthrough.  Together, the changes to the air pressure system  and the new coupling material result in a musical presentation that is truly phenomenal.  I never believed recorded music could sound this real.  In my opinion and the opinions of others who have heard the change, it is clearly a 30% to 50% improvement.  The sound is so real that it will leave you in a trance. It is jaw-droppingly good.  As one audiophile said, “this is a game-changer”. The results not only improve the sound, but the lower pressure will extend the life of the air chamber pods indefinitely.  If you are interested in playing LPs, I strongly recommend that you make an appointment to hear the new Proscenium Black Diamond III turntable.  If you already have a Proscenium Black Diamond turntable, contact us to find out how to upgrade your turntable to the Black Diamond III. “

The “clearly a 30% to 50% improvement”? That is great and it is all by lowering the pressure in of suspension. That is great and it took just 20 year to discover.  So, over the cause of the last 20 years the Proscenium TT did not perform well and did   50% worthier then it has to be juts because it was running at too high air pressure? I did not see the estimable users and reviewers of the Proscenium turntable complained that something was wrong.

There is another twist in the story that might escape attention of an ordinary observer. I personally never used Proscenium TT but I know a guy who has a lot of experience with it. Although he likes the sound of it but he reported that the TT I very much tend to change Sound with any slight modification of millions different parameters.  I am VERY much against of those types TT as I feel that a TT has to have a default sound that it impossible not to get. The resent Proscenium modification is juts prove my point as if TT was able to get 30% to 50% improvement juts by modifying suspension pressure then it is a faulty made TT to begin with.

Also, if TT is so much tweaky and change of one of the operational parameters do impact sound for 50% then what constitute “default” sound of a given model? Considering that most of the users and revisers are not familiar how to use TT  then it is highly possible that the very same Proscenium turntable has no optimism for own topology installations out there. If so, then the new model # III is nothing more then just a new marketing opportunity for the setting new appointments and to make one more round of sales attempts.

The Cat

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