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Post Subject: This is the fate of all audio manufacturers.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/23/2011
 Stitch wrote:
Let's see what Framer will find a mail from Australia that Continuum has Production Problems. Also some master brains left the company...
Well, I did listen 3x to the big Continuum, 2x it was more or less defect. The last time 1 channel didn't work, probably the connected Phono Stage or the set up "specialists" killed the cartridge...anyway, these guys were absolutely unable to find a problem (or the unit had so much they didn't where to start)...
That's High End.

What do you mean “what Framer will find next”. Framer will do what he does the best – will be running like a wonder in ass animal in search of another company. You need to understand that the people of the Framer trade live and die by inventing and conceiving hype and then by harvesting hype. This is their job description and this is what they are being paid for. There was the Continuum phase, but according to the rule of the industry game the phases, any of their phases, cannot continue long time and must be replaced. Without the change and the need to buy into a new hype the thousand mid-age suburban idiots with playbacks instead of Harleys or Corvettes will be loosing their purpose to live and any sense of actions. So, do not worry about Framer. He is a workhorse of the industry; he and the industry will find something else.

Regarding the Continuum. Unfortunately since it was publicized by Framer the TT and the arm never had any true exposure of own Sonic capacity. A dozens of the ordinary suspects – the Robb Report suckers - who buy LPs to much record covers to the color of furniture have bough those Continuum and a few industry people got Continuums to add in their eyes the wait to their judgment.  It is it, the True Sound of Continuum might never be known.

It is sad in a way as the guy who initially designed Continuum was very talented and very interesting guy. I meet him 6 or 7 years back it was before Framer and Co. come to the picture. I do not remember his name, he was tall bold guy. He was wonderful. You see it is practically imposable to talk with most of the manufactures not to mention the marketing idiots who are 95% of the industry. All of those manufactures have yes of hungry dogs and all that they care is how to jongleur somebody else bumper sticker slogans and do not lose face while they do it. The Continuum was in fact very different. He did express very pure and very natural, almost childish interest in Sound and we had quite pleasant and stimulating conversation. It is incredibly rare that an audio makers can express pure and unadulterated interest in Sound, interest that is wider and then boundary of own product or own field. The guy was surrounded with 4-5 industry retards at that time (it was a private demonstration) and it was so visible that one human was eaten by industry zombies that it was in a way painful to watch.

Saying all of it I do not know if that Continuum guy is potent today. As I many times previously stated any perfectly normal individual who let him/herself to be plugged into high-end industry in 2 years get converted into absolutely worthless piece of shit. Unfortunately it is unavoidable process… So, is Continuum brain-dead company? Well, Continuum was Continuum when it was the Continuum designer was trying to make his TT. As soon in 2005-6 they show up in Vegas, exposed themselves to wide maker and let the industry enslave themselves then they began their inescapable slide to become dead company. As Henry Wadsworth said: "Thy fate is the common fate of all”

Romy the Cat

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