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Post Subject: Who keeps the standards? Rise up!Posted by N-set on: 7/20/2011
 Romy the Cat wrote:

Did you try to buy a cartridge, recognize that you do not like something and to try to return it back? Good luck with it.

I think in today would we lost the battle for cartridge QA and we need to knowledge that the industry feed us with whatever they want and we have no control over it.

I've recently survived an authorized rebuild of an TSD15 by the noble EMT house. I got the cart back. In a nice sealed
box and with all the QC masturbation well done: measurements, numbers, signatures, datecodes, etc.
The cart performed worse than a cheap DJ cart, fucked all of its life by an adept of scratching.
It was unable to tarck past 1/3rd of the record and on loud and complex passages distorted more than a pocket
transistor radio. Back it went to EMT. After trying to use a good sould inbetween me and EMT
(I've commisioned the cart repair through him) to make an idiot out of myself, claiming e.g. that
the conical profile does misstrack and what I expect from it, they've finally, after quite some resistance and not
very explicitly admitted
that there was something on a diamond....yes, sure, I've put there a second one of my own production,
after playing less than 10hrs of new or RCM cleaned LP's only.The've done a second repair (of course
free of charge) and so far so good...

Aparently my case was not the first--by google search I've found a very similar symptom-wise
description at AA.

Besides EMT uses some type of rubber which deteriorates and apparently has to be changed every
5 or so yrs. I'm wondering if that's a marketing trick or really in our high-tech word they cannot design
a suitable durable suspension material?

 Romy the Cat wrote:

The only assurance you might get if you have personal relation with a cartridge maker and he does the custom job for you specificly. The rest is a put lottery…

Since this Pierre Clement cart is such a esoteric piece, perhaps the involved people would like
to try to make some personal relations? Would be interesting to hear what  say about their own
needle and the whole process.

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