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Post Subject: The cartridge lotteryPosted by Romy the Cat on: 7/20/2011

 N-set wrote:
I agree that the QC is probably non-existant there (the involved people correct me if I'm wrong
and show your QC procedures, seriously).
The holy original was made by Ikeda, as a google search reveals.
They say that it's a MM:

"The Pierre Clément cartridge will be easily used because of its standard moving magnet jointed up a 47 K Ohm input."

But, yes, it must be stated more clearly along with other info
 (unless it's a holy copy of a holy cart for a small group of the cult followers...)
Anyway, if anybody has any experience/info, would be nice to learn.

Yes, 47K load it has to be MM, not MC cartridge will be loaded so high unless they have a transformer built-in into the shell. Furthermore with 20mV of output voltage it has to me MM with HUGE amount of turn in coil or with very strong and very heavy magnet. I can drive my MF diver from 200mV, here is a cartridge that has 1/10 of it.

The QC. This is a more complex subject. You might be right: the QC is probably non-existant there, but so with any other cartridge manufacture. Even such a fame cartridge makers like Grado, Shelter and Ortophon have plenty faulty cartridges and I would not be surprised if each second of their cartridges is out of specification or out of performance.  I do not care what the marketing people say out there but to me QC is not the assurance of manufacturer that they automate and test the production but the ability of consumer to return the good if it does not perform upon expectation. Did you try to buy a cartridge, recognize that you do not like something and to try to return it back? Good luck with it.

I think in today would we lost the battle for cartridge QA and we need to knowledge that the industry feed us with whatever they want and we have no control over it. The only assurance you might get if you have personal relation with a cartridge maker and he does the custom job for you specificly. The rest is a put lottery…

Romy the Cat

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