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Post Subject: Teresa Goodwin and her girly things.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/29/2011

Among many idiotic audio publications the Positive-Feedback strikes me as less idiotic – once in 2-3 issues they do have a good article. I still find it idiotic, as any product -centric audio publication might be but the people who run the game in audio are limited to understand that it might be different.

Anyhow, Teresa Goodwin, the Positive-Feedback staff writer who wrote many articles about her admiration of SACD published another peace: “High Resolution Audio, What is Next?”

In there she is trying to pretend that she is thinking about new development of audio formats but in fact she just keeps selling to reader her beloved SACD.

What I found interesting is that in her article she kind of dive into a virtual debate with me referring to the “Audiophiles boycotting SACD and high resolution in general”. Since I never seen anywhere or heard of anyone who in fact actively boycott SACD beside of me and since I was the person who have very strong anti-SACD position and did proposed to boycott SACD I feel that the comment was targeted as a response to my criticism of SACD:

  Teresa Goodwin wrote:
Many audiophiles have either convinced themselves that 16/44.1kHz PCM is good enough, believed studies showing 16/44.1kHz PCM and high resolution sound the same or are afraid of supporting a format that may not be here in the future. The SACD/DVD-Audio war was also a hindrance in the acceptance of physical high resolution formats.

This is pure Teresa’s hallucinations. No one denies SACD because “16/44.1kHz PCM is good enough”. Also there was no SACD/DVD-Audio war. The DVD-Audio never was acceptable format. If Mr. Goodwin writes then she need to have at least basic familiarity with the subject, does she?

  Teresa Goodwin wrote:
In many forums posters claim SACD is worthless and was only introduced because the patent for CD was expiring and Sony/Philips needed to replace the stream of income that would be lost. It is hard to argue with this as licensing fees can be a large part of corporate income, however in Sony's defense they did introduce DSD in-house for re-mastering the old Columbia analog recordings before SACD was invented. Some posters also claim CD replay has improved so much that they prefer the best CD players to SACD.

Again, it is pure BS. Sony could not make such foolish claims. DSD was not invented “in-house for re-mastering” as DSD never able to do any re-mastering and editing. Even now the DSD re-mastering and editing is done by converting DSD to PCM, editing and then conversion it back to DSD. So, what the purpose was for Sony to invent DSD if high resolution PCM existed 20 years before DSD show up. The history how DSD was invented is too fresh in memory to override it with a comfortable BS fabrication.

Looking further into the Teresa Goodwin writing I do not see that she is taking about next step in High Resolution Audio but rather describe her feeling and her practice of hating 16/44, adoring SACD, admiring the new re-mastered and oil-lubricated LPs, The fact that most likely all of those new LP and SACDs come from 16/44 master dubs Teresa Goodwin prefer do not mention. 40 years ago as impressible fool as Teresa is was writing in audio publication if his time that the new Sony developed format called CD is as “perfect” as Teresa feels the SACD is today. As the result 40-30 year back the whole industry converted zillion tones of master tapes to 16/44 and destroyed the masters. The recording industry people of the 70s do report that humongous amount of master tapes (some people claim 90%) were disposed after coping them to 16/44 formats. Today, most of the SACD (with a rare exception) are made from those first 16/44 dubs.

No one deny that 16/44 is bad but the format limitation is now near as destructive as industry horrible culture to deal with digital file distribution. Teresa is bitching about 16/44 but I would insist that never none-edited 16/44 is heads and solders more interesting then the crap that download at 908963257023 GHz sampiling rate and 128 bit resolution… that was incidentally produce by pimplely tanager in the back room of the HDTracks store converting MP3 files into the  admired by Teresa SACD.

Pure idiocy!
The Cat

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